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Vendor Information

Vendor Info:
We have a generous marketing plan for our Las Vegas Reptile Expos. We expect a very high attendance rate in relation to the number of booths that are available.

We again chose the Santa Fe Hotel & Casino for our Expo for many different reasons.

-The meeting room and hotel can handle a large capacity of customers and vendors.
-Parking is easy and free in two massive parking garages; one North and one East of the building (North is better for Expo purposes, East is slightly better for the hotel). The hotel is right above the Expo, so after setting up your booth on Friday, you won’t need to move your car until you’re leaving after the show on Sunday. Room rates are much cheaper with the Expo rate, so staying at the hotel is affordable and makes life easy.
-There are many affordable places to eat at the casino, or within a mile or two.
-Accessibility. The property sits right against US-95 which is the highway running through Vegas from the Phoenix area going North into Nevada (towards Reno). This is easily accessible for anyone in Las Vegas, and parking is free for show attendees. It is off the Strip to make getting in and out simple.
-Overall, the venue has worked out great for our previous events, and was enjoyed by nearly all vendors and customers that were there.  
-Vendors at all future shows with us will not be responsible for paying the "Animal Handling Permit" fee that we were hit with in October 2010. We (LV Reptile Expo) are covering that additional cost in all future shows.  

Vendor prices are now available. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about something that isn't covered in this pricing article.  

10’ x 9’ Standard Booth - $175
Includes one 8’ table and two vendor badges (8 linear feet table space / storefront)

10’ x 9’ Standard Corner Booth - $225
Includes one 8’ table and one 6’ table and two vendor badges (14 linear feet table space / storefront)

20’ x 9’ Endcap Booth - $400
Includes two 8’ tables and two 6’ tables and four vendor badges (28 linear feet table space / storefront)

Electricity - $30
No wattage limit (covers all your booths if more than one)

Extra Tables - $25
Limited number of extra tables. Be sure to reserve yours during signup to guarantee it'll be there for you.

Extra Vendor Badge - $15 (max 3 per booth)


Vendor Rules:
-All animals at your booth are your responsibility. If they bite someone, it is your responsibility. If they bite you, it’s your responsibility.
-No venomous animals of any kind permitted.
-All animals must be in good health; good enough that we would buy them. We will have a vet patrolling the show with the authority to make you remove an animal from the table. Bring your healthiest stock – it’s for your own good.
-No animals native to Nevada are permitted.
-All animals sold must have a receipt with your name and contact information. We will be checking receipts at the door, and animals will not be let out of the room without a receipt.
-The Las Vegas Reptile Expo and its promoters are not responsible for any lost or stolen animals during setup or the show. If you are uncomfortable leaving animals in the Expo overnight, by all means, don’t leave them there overnight. There is time Saturday and Sunday mornings to set up your valuable items and animals prior to the public coming in.
-It is your responsibility to comply with all state and federal laws. We are providing you a venue to sell your reptiles, not making sure what you are doing is completely legal.
-Booth spaces are non-refundable within 30 days prior to the show.
-You are responsible for the animals on your table(s). If you let a friend sell his animals on your table, you are responsible for his animals complying with the rules of the Expo and the law.
-Turtles and Tortoises under 4" are allowed for sale between fanciers or as educational, exhibition wholesale or as "scientific tools" only. Per the 4” law, they are not to be sold as “pets.” This is intended to keep small turtles out of the hands (more specifically, mouths) of young children. As vendors, you need to know the intent of the customer, and document it to protect yourself and abide by the law.
-The Santa Fe Hotel & Casino and its meeting rooms are high-end facilities. This is not the normal tin can building that many shows are held at. The room itself is carpeted and spotlessly clean. Any damage to the building or the venue that you do will be the responsibility of you, the vendor. Animals must be in cages and not allowed directly on the carpet under any circumstances. We have assured the Santa Fe of our intent to protect the neatness of their building, and as vendors at this show, you agree to this also.
-Loading and unloading is NOT to be done through the casino. There is access provided behind the building for vendor load-ins. The Expo room itself is elevated, and access is gained through commercial elevators. It’s not a difficult load in, but bring carts or dolleys to make life easier.
-Endangered or protected species present in our show need to have any required permitting with them (on hand). It is likely that law enforcement from any number of agencies will be there, so just assume it will happen.
-No mammals or birds are to be present at this show. Frozen mice and rats are okay. Live rodents are not okay. Contact us for any special questions on this matter.
-All items being sold at the show need to be reptile and amphibian related products or services.
-As vendors, you are professional. Be sure to act that way. There will be zero tolerance for angry outbursts, threats or violence of any kind towards each other, customers or us. We will have hotel security as well as our own security and it will not be difficult to drag you out of the show. If you have a customer yelling at you, find us and we will drag them out of the show.
-Because of potential loopholes in the rules as outlined, we reserve the right to expel any person(s) or animal(s) at any time and for any reason. We are reasonable people, but we are here to conduct a good, busy, law abiding show.